Finding the most accurate way of transcribing the intention of a voice, immersing the audience in an unknown sound territory, following and supporting the direction taken by the director in spite of the obstacles, the challenges do not lack in fiction.
For the production sound engineer and his assistant it is also about having people understand what is at stake in the work of sound on set. The pleasure to work together then combines with technique and creativity to serve the movie.


Feature films



  • by Wanuri Kahiu
  • Big Word Cinema, MPM films, Awali Ent. Kenya – 2017
  • 2018 Cannes Film Festival Official Selection, Un Certain Regard

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Synopsis:  Auma works in her father’s shop and awaits the start of nursing school, while Ziki passes the days hanging out with her wealthy friends and making up dance routines. Their paths cross when their fathers run against each other for seats in the County Assembly of Nairobi, and the girls’ unlikely friendship is put to the test as election tactics get nasty.

Written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu

DOP  Chris Wessels

Sound Recordist  Frédéric Salles

Produced by Steven Markovitz




  • by Léa Jamet
  • 87′
  • Time Code Production – 2011

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Présentation :

Feature film written in collaboration with users of the Abbé-Pierre Marseille Foundation led by Léa Jamet and Théo Trifard.
Hopecity joins in the sphere of influence of experimental projects by involving amateurs and professional artists, professional technicians and persons having technical skills acquired during their professional life or being able to acquire it during this experience.

Synopsis:  In Hopecity, an imaginary city, the society is divided into two clans: the Well-to-do and Nobody’s. The first ones, who are minority, do not bear either the sight or the presence of the second and set up a plan of eradication.


Writers:  Annick Sylvestre, Jehemi Boumediene, Mickael Rabia, Pascal Ludman, Léa Jamet, Théo Triffard

Director:  Léa jamet

DA:  Paule Sardou, Marie Jeanne Lardic

DoP:  Jérôme Olivier

Son recordists:  Sébastien Demonchy, Frédéric Salles

Boom operators:  Alexis Viola, Camille Barat

Editing: Marjolaine Spill

Sound editing and mixing: Frédéric Salles, Cyrille Carillon


Hopecity website

See the making-of of the shoot



  • By Henri Henriol
  • 90′
  • La Case à Film – 2010

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Synopsis: Shot in Sénégal, the film tells  the crossed stories of two characters: a French man in his fifties recently arrived in Saint Louis of Senegal to start a new life, and a young Senegalese who dreams to leave for France, both tormented by the desire to live somewhere else and the disappointments.

Short films - Selection


Big in Vietnam

  • by Mati diop
  • 29′
  • Néon production – 2009
  • Tiger Awards for Short Films at IFF Rotterdam 2012

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In the forest near Marseille, the Franco Vietnamese director Henriette Nhung is shooting Dangerous Liaisons with the help of her son Mike.

But when the lead actor disappears, everything comes to a halt. The film looses its Valmont, and the director soon after. Behind her, she leaves the entire cast and crew, now passengers aboard a ghost ship with only the young Mike as captain.

As she wanders the port city, Henriette discovers a world that reminds her of her former home, Vietnam. Here, she meets a man haunted by a long journey with no return.


Director Mati DIOP

Production manager Stephan RIPOLL

First AD Thomas BIDART


Continuity  Dorothée SEBBAGH

Location manager  Laurent CARDOT

Production designer  Salomé AUBRY

Costume  Camille BEISO

Sound recordist  Frederic SALLES

Cast Henriette NHUNG, Mike NGUYEN, Stephane SAO, Karine WEIDER,  Julien PILLET


Children in the trees

  • by Bania Medjbar
  • 25′
  • La Luna Production – 2009
  • Release date 30/09/2009 – Broadcast: Canal+

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Synopsis :

Karim, a 7 years old boy, and Coralie, his sister of 11, lives with their mother in an estate which overhangs Marseille. Every morning, behind  the wire fencing, they observe in the distance the prison where their father is imprisoned. After an ultimate search of their house by the police, of a felted violence, Karim and Coralie throw themselves in the unknow with the utopia to bring back the protective father.


Written and directed by Bania Medjbar


Editing  Laurent ROUAN

Set  Jean françois MEROT

Music  Gabriel YARED

Sound recordists  Maxime GAVAUDAN, Frédéric SALLES

Re-recording mixer  Jean-Christophe JULE

Cast  Dorian AÎSSA, Sabrina BENHAMED, Laetitia BOSSETTI, Benaissa AHAOUARI


Awards: Prix ISMU (Milan), Prix du Public (Saint-Denis), Prix du Jury (Rousset), Prix du Public (Rousset), Prix du Jury Professionel (Massif du Sancy), Prix du Public (Massif du Sancy), Prix de la Classe Jury (Massif du Sancy), Grand Prix du Jury (Cap d’Agde)

Festivals selection list    

In compétion:

  • Aix-en-Provence (France)  2009
  • Clermont-Ferrand (France)  2010
  • Milan (Italy)  2010
  • Mulhouse (France)  2010
  • Lunel (France)  2010
  • Saint-Denis (France)  2010
  • Rousset (France)  2010
  • Nice (France)  2010
  • Dubaï (United Arab Emirats)  2010
  • Altkirch (Fance)  2010
  • Ebensee (Austria)  2010
  • Odense (Denmark) 2010
  • Grenoble (France) 2010
  • Massif du Sancy (France) 2010
  • Ouroux-en-Morvan (France) 2010
  • Agde (France) 2010
  • Corse (France) 2010
  • Ile de la Réunion (France) 2010
  • Calgary (Canada) 2010
  • Groningen (Pays-Bas)  2010
  • Cork (Irelande)  2010
  • Regensburg (Allemagne)  2010
  • Cinambule (France) 2010
  • Groningen (Pays-Bas) 2010
  • Saint-Paul-Trois-Château (France) 2010


IMG-fiction-En face

En Face

  • By Medhi Ben Attia and Zina Modiano
  • 27′
  • Lancelot Films – 1999

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-Synopsis: In the 90′s, in Tunis, Mémia, a 20 year old girl is affected by a light mental disorder. She lives with her parents, rich landowners. Not knowing what love is about, Mémia will experience a secret and rather violent passion for a young man she observes from her window all day long. But she will be forcedly married to another man.

Directed by Medhi Ben Attia and Zina Modiano

Production Christian Tison

DOP  Nathalie Sarles

Set  Claude Bennys

Editor  Caroline Emery

Sound  Frederic SALLES

Actors Amel Smaoui, Mohamed Ali Cherif, Nejia Ouji

Commercials & music videos



  • Latest to date: 
  • brand: Wiko
  • La Planète Rouge – 2017

Production companies    

La Planète Rouge

Aprile films

DACOR Productions

RSA Films

2017 films

Walter films


Be Elegangz

Première Heure

Cake Films

Magali Films

PM publicité

Only you

Toreros Productions

Dezance Productions

Les Productions de la Fourmi

Network Productions



Music videos

  • Playback and synch management
  • + direct sound recording

Production companies    

-Bandits Productions

Les Productions Yanke

Les productions Le Village

Why Not Music