Contact & infos

Contact & infos

Cell: +33 615 09 46 21

e-mail: mail at fredsalles dot com

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Languages French (m.t.), English fluent and pro

notions of Italian and Xhosa

International driver’s license

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Fascinated from childhood by music and cinema, I get to use my first microphones and mixing desks as a teenager within the association Régie Réponse, which trains young people to sound in Marseille. This first encounter with sound gear and techniques is going to allow me to set foot in the broadcasting industry very early.

I start working as a sound recordist on institutional videos (on portable Umatic video recorders!) while following my university studies in cinema. With teachers like Nicole Brenez, these studies develop critical sense and thoughts on image and sound. If they do not teach me my trade, they will bring me tools and intellectual luggage which turn out precious in my work. Short films and trainee jobs on film follow one another.

The encounter with the French sound engineer Jean-Pierre Ruh at the beginning of the 90s is very important for me. Working as a trainee and sound assistant with him on features films, I learn many determining things, of which the essential role of the human relationships in this business. They are central in documentary film work and that asserts my taste for it.
Since the mid 90’s I work as a professional sound recordist for film, tv and music industries.

Fortunes of life lead me to share my life between Marseille and Cape Town in South Africa from 1995. My job allows me also to travel a lot, in particular on the African continent. Comfortable in English, I work frequently for English-speaking productions.